Messing about

I’ve been messing about with the website, so apologies if I’ve dented your User Experience. I tend to do things by trial and error. It’s been about 90% error, but I’m getting there.

Blog posts should still appear. Somewhere. If you’re a subscriber you should still see them. But front of the website will be a bit more, how do you say, static.

There’s going to be some good Harry Bacon stuff coming. Most of it’s going to be piped into your brainbox via a new mailing list I’m working on. Other online places like this blog and twitter will kind of play second fiddle to the mailing list.

What kind of stuff will you get on the mailing list? There’ll be serialised Harry Bacon stories, character bios, writery stuff, previews of forthcoming books, tip-offs about price deals, any stupid competitions I can think of and, hell, whatever you tell me you want more of.

Excited? Maybe just slightly agitated?

Good, good.