Journal – June 19, 2017

Damn, I meant to post to the blog every Friday and I failed. Never mind, we learn from failure. I started a Harry Bacon short story on Friday evening with the idea of posting it the same night (it was going to be a very short story) but I woefully underestimated how long it takes… Continue reading Journal – June 19, 2017

You do want to stop procrastinating, don’t you?

I’m dead good at procrastination. So I thought I’d learn a bit about what’s going on in the brain when I’m procrastinating to see if there was anything I could do about it. What’s happening in your brain when you procrastinate? We procrastinate about things that make us feel uncomfortable. The idea of doing something… Continue reading You do want to stop procrastinating, don’t you?

Here’s a list

Unsubscribe from all your mailing lists Unfollow everyone on Twitter Turn off all your Facebook notifications Unfriend those non-friends Mark everything as read Break the Snapchat chain Stop counting likes Tear up your To Do list Throw away your Post-Its Remove all the bookmarks from your half-finished books Cancel your unused gym membership Set the… Continue reading Here’s a list


A paucity of double-yolked eggs this week suggests that the Chicken of Good Fortune has moved on, Mary Poppins-like, to another family who needs her more. Not that I’ve had a run of bad luck or anything. Perhaps the Good Fortune rubs off and sticks around for a while. Meanwhile, Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT!) has… Continue reading Neat!

Bong! It’s Ten O’Blog.

The day begins with a double yolked egg sent to me from the Chicken of Good Fortune. Three times in the last week I’ve had a double-yolked egg. It’s a sign. The Chicken of Good Fortune is sending me a secret message in eggy morse code. The ‘500 Words a Day’ alert that pings up on (Android,… Continue reading Bong! It’s Ten O’Blog.

Harry Bacon returns. Soon.

Back in 2013 I published Rule Zero, the first Harry Bacon novel. I was able to call it ‘the first’ because from the very moment Harry and his world popped into my brainbox, the story was too big to fit into a single book. For some reason I can’t quite recall, I thought it would be… Continue reading Harry Bacon returns. Soon.